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       Greater Bethlehem Soccer League

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Equipment Guidelines
All Divisions

GBSL will provide uniforms (soccer jerseys) for all participants.  However, they must be turned in at the end of each session.  We realize this could be a hassle, especially for female players, but over the years we've found this minimizes uniform loss and allows the league to keep registration fees low.
Balls -         
The league encourages players to bring a ball to each session.  Coaches often use drills requiring that every player have a ball.  And although the league provides a number of balls to each team, it's generally not enough for every child.
Proper ball size is extremely important - especially for our younger players.  
5, 6 and 7 year old children should use #3 size balls.  These smaller, lighter balls put less stress on growing knees and are generally much easier to handle.
8, 9 and 10 year old children should use #4 size balls.
Age 11 and up will use standard #5 size balls.
If you have balls, in good condition, that your children have grown out of, please consider passing them on to us.  We will see they are given to children who's parents may not be able to afford a ball for each player in their family.


Shin Guards -
Shin guards are an absolute must.   Your child will not be allowed on the field without them.  
We recommend the use of soccer socks to cover the guards, especially the older, less expensive types with exposed hard plastic surfaces.  These guards are generally held in place with simple velcro straps which allow them to move during play.


Water Bottles - 
You can never bring too much water.  Proper hydration is extremely important.  Please make sure your child never leaves for the fields without his/her water bottle - even on cooler days.


Footwear - 
We recommend inexpensive, all purpose spikes, but sneakers (with lasses) are just fine.  Please avoid slip-on sneakers and sandals.  These don't provide enough protection and tend to fly through the air during games.