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   Greater Bethlehem Soccer League
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What's New At GBSL?


We need people to help run the league.  Currently there are only about 10 dedicated / tired individuals that consistently volunteer their time to handle the behind the scenes administrative stuff that keeps this league running.  Considering we have about 825 players, 65 teams, 160 coaches, 60 team parents, 3 or 4 major events and 10 regular season sessions to coordinate, this is a tremendously daunting task.  Please step forward and lend a hand.
We now offer individual pictures along with our tried-and-true $4 team photo.  The individual shots will be taken at a separate location immediately following that day's session.
Starting Times:
In response to parent feedback, we have revised our starting times.  Division 1 players now should report to their assigned area no later then 2:15 PM.  All other players are expected to be on their assigned fields and ready for play by 2:00 PM.
Field Layout:
Please take note to the 2008 field map.  You will noticed that playing areas have been moved to accommodate growth in Lehigh's weekend intramural sports programs.  
Division 2 - New Goals:
We've purchase new portable goals for Division 2.  We're hoping they'll provide a more enjoyable soccer experience for these young players.  
Soccer Day Donations
Soccer Day is one of the many fun activities we offer our players.  The children especially love the free prizes raffled off at the end of the day.  To make this possible, our volunteers contact local businesses soliciting donations.  If  you, or someone you know, is willing to donate a cool prize please drop us a line -