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       Greater Bethlehem Soccer League

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        Coaches Game

Yes, we're all a little older and carrying just a few extra pounds, but we still love to play the game.  Each season the league sets aside half of a session to give coaches a chance to play - AND - their players a chance to watch.  Hot dogs, soda, chips and anything left over from soccer day are served throughout the game.  However, most of the coaches are simply too winded to chew. 

The games are always loads of fun.  We use the same rules applied in Division 5 (no slide tackling is a biggie) to keep everyone safe and over the years injuries have been rare.  So if you can spare the time, come out - run a little - laugh a little - and hope none of your players have noticed it was your man who scored the last goal.

The game is usually played toward the end of the season.  Check the league calendar for the date and time.  You'll get reminders from you Division Commissioners as the date approaches.