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       Greater Bethlehem Soccer League
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Team Picture

         Picture Day

Team pictures are usually taken around the middle of September and  distributed some time around the middle of October.  The scheduled date and rain date can be found on the League Calendar.

Cost is about $4.00 per print.

Order / payment envelopes are distributed the week before Picture Day.

If this envelope is lost you can use any normal envelope.  Just print the Player's Name, Team Number, Division and Dollar Amount on its face. 

We prefer that you place your order and pay the day pictures are taken.  However, we can generally accept additional orders the following week.

Checks should be make payable to John C. Pittman

Pictures are taken during the practice segment and generally do  not disrupt play.

 If you have any question, please stop by the League Table (where free cokes are served after the games) before the session.  There's normally a league officer available each week.

Example picture - Click on thumbnail to see larger image