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       Greater Bethlehem Soccer League
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GBSL Rules
Division 1

Play will be 4 or 5 players per side, without use of a goalie
No slide tackling
No direct kicks permitted; Indirect kicks must travel at least 5 yards before touching another team member
No penalty kicks permitted
Offsides will not be called
No heading is permitted
Throw-ins should be done correctly - if a throw-in is incorrect, the player will be given additional chances
Dangerous play - after the second dangerous play, the player will sit for 5 minutes, after the third, the player must sit out the remainder of the game.
There will be no assigned positions during play, such as forward, midfield or defense.  Emphasis will be on spacing and ball movement.
Playing time should be approximately the same for all players
No arguing between coaches.  Player criticisms should be made individually and in a civil / constructive tone.  Do not scream at players.
Water breaks should be frequent - especially during warm weather
Sessions will begin at 1:45 PM and end by 3:45 PM.